Toradora! What a beautiful show! Aisaka Taiga is a charming fireball of free spirit and energy, who’s background perfectly explains her attitude in life and all things. She’s small, feels unwanted by her capricious father, and gives off a devil-may-car attitude to mask her true feelings.

And along comes Ryuji, the devoted, perfect sort of man her father never was. And so after some initial confrontation, friendship bloomed.

And that friendship turned into some of the most true, honest love I’ve ever seen, making Toradora one of the most honest anime I’ve ever seen.


Why does Aisaka fall for Ryuuji in Toradora?

Many people ask why Aisaka ever falls in love with Ryuuji. She initially acts like she despises him. She is annoyed by him cleaning and the random things that he does for her.

She just wants her precious crush to like her because he was nice to her, and that’s all she can think about. And the answer is obvious when you think about it. She wants someone who will be nice to her. And slowly she realizes this person is Ryuu.

This all happens because her father left her and put her up in a private apartment just so that he did not have the responsibility of raising her any longer. He could do whatever he wanted in life, without a care in the world for his daughter. She thinks this is how people act – and when Ryuuji acts kind and selfless, she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Is Aisaka a Tsundere?

Of course! But only after the second or third episode, when she actually starts to develop light feelings for her dragon counterpart. Once she starts to develop feelings, she doesn’t know that she has them and things get awkward when all their friends think they are dating. She doesn’t know what to do so she is mean to Ryuuji instead of facing her own feelings.