Psalms of the Planet

Eureka Seven carries the title of Psalms of the Planet. Initially, this can be confusing with the bulk of the anime being focused on its characters such as Renton and Eureka. The subtitle becomes relevant later on in the series with the revelation that the planet is attempting to communicate with its inhabitants through the use of the Coralians, beings connected to the planet.

Throughout the series, many subtle hints allude to the world possessing some form of life. For instance, the planet itself operates in similar fashion as the human body highlighting its connection to life. The anti body Coralians that attack the people are similar in function to our own antibodies. Just as our bodies fight off infections and whatever is perceived as harmful through the use of antibodies, these anti body coralians also serve as a means of retaliation against the humans who are slowly destroying the planet. This is clearest in Dewey’s active attempts to damage the planet. With his weapons drilling deep into the planet its response was to create a defense that would wipe out the one causing harm, which in this case was humans. The mere fact that this function is given to these Coralians serves as an implication that the planet is similar to humans in that it is a living being.

Another allusion to its life is how Eureka, and Sakuya before her were birthed by the planet as a means to communicate with humans. Eureka and Sakuya both share a purpose of observing humans and attempting to form a connection that will lead to peaceful coexistence between humans and the planet. In fact, Eureka was created as a blank slate in order to allow her to learn how to be human. She served as an attempt to understand humans in order to better communicate with them. The birth of the two humanoid Coralians is a clear of the world’s efforts in attempting to send a message to its inhabitants. In effect, the psalms of the planet were actually the messages sent by the planet in an attempt to create peace and establish a way to live harmoniously.

The saddest part about this is that humans are depicted as being the bad guys which is actually the reality of our world today. Rather than understanding the needs of the planet and attempting to live in such a way that would reduce the damage and harm that we cause, we choose to neglect the state of our world. As seen in the series, instead of being driven by the desire to understand, the humans are driven by fear of the unexplained. The result is assault and retaliation. With the continued battle of humans, the world is left to feel the effects. What is sad is that we don’t truly see the damage that we are causing.

Following this, the relationship that Renton and Eureka cultivate throughout the course of the show gains another level of depth and symbolism. On the surface, their love for one another symbolizes the possibility to form a connection and come to an understanding despite differences in origin. On a deeper level however, their relationship represents an ideal relationship between humans and the planet – one rooted in love and care for one another. Aside from the chance for two different races to not just coexist but to love, the relationship of the two also shows how we can learn to accept the message that the world is sending. It shows that we are capable of caring for the planet by living in harmony with it.

The theme of respecting all life is tackled splendidly in the series. Eureka Seven serves as a reminder that we need to learn to love the living and take care of what we have. While the theme was not quite as apparent as those of love, war, and growing up, it still serves as a timely reminder in a world that is seeing less and less love for the planet. At its simplest, we are reminded to live in harmony with our planet.