Boruto. Is he gonna find Basuke and save Bakura? Is he just from the Hidden Beef Village? This sounds like the dumbest name for a Naruto clone ever. Am I right?

Yes. I am absolutely right.

Boruto is trash just like Naruto.

This show (still talking about Naruto here) about a kid with an obsession for ramen noodles, the blandest tasting food you could ever eat, who gets by just on luck and “friendship” is the dumbest show ever. I mean, even the friendship isn’t very good. There was no good reason to even pass them through their initial training.

And Boruto, being the child of Hinata and Naruto, is not much different. Overly confident and also not supportive of his parents, he sets out to seek his own path… eventually realizing the sacrifices Naruto made, coming to respect his father.

Except this kid is a little bitch. His father, Naruto, and his mother Hinata, sacrifice everything for him. What do they get? Not the love they deserve, that’s for sure.